Cycles, Trends, and Forecasts

From Dan Denning, publisher Southbank Investment Research

I’m pleased to announce the debut of UK edition of Cycles, Trends, and Forecasts. In collaboration with my friend Phil Anderson, I launched Cycles, Trends, and Forecasts in Australia in mid-2014. The UK edition—edited and written by Phil’s long-time London based collaborator Akhil Patel—has now available. It promises to be the most controversial publication I’ve ever launched. That was certainly the case in Australia. But here in the UK—where debates about the future of property markets tend to polarise public opinion—it’s going to cause an even bigger stir. Why?

This is what I’d call ‘Mega Trend’ investing. It’s based on the observation that when you buy a financial or physical asset is far more important than what you buy. And as you might guess from the title of the publication, Akhil and Phil have built on over 200-years of property price data to uncover a pattern in land prices that appears to have a cyclical effect on all asset prices. There’s a good chance that you may disagree with the conclusions Akhil reaches. But based here in London, he’ll provide you with the kind of alternative interpretation of the economic cycle and the stock market that only an independent publisher would dare attempt. That’s why I’m so pleased to publish yet another contrarian idea to challenge mainstream thinking.

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Inteview Part 1

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