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Akhil Patel says that the UK economy is propelled by one key variable: the price of land.

He says that the property cycle repeats itself with unerring accuracy – but that this is unknown to most investors. Knowing where you are in the property cycle can help you make huge returns in in a range of markets, and get out safely before things turn south.

As a Cycles, Trends and Forecasts reader you’ll get powerful knowledge of the cycles he studies every week. The primary focus is on the property market, but you’re also going to get information that will help you understand the stockmarket and how to read charts; plus what’s going on with interest rates; all you need to know about money and banking; and how politics affects the economic cycle (and how it does not).

Akhil has professional experience in audit, central government and international banking and has worked on a range of issues from reviewing large infrastructure PPP deals to helping establish the UK’s £3 billion International Climate Fund. He has two masters degrees (in Finance and Public Policy) and a first class degree in Classics from Oxford University. In 2013, he established Ascendant Strategy to produce research that helps investors make better investment decisions based on an understanding of the key economic and financial cycles driving markets.

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