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Editors Robin Griffiths and Rashpal Sohan are two of the best investors in Britain – with over 65 years’ experience in the markets between them.

Robin is the former chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts. As well as heading up our world exclusive advisory, he’s also currently Head of Multi-Asset Research at the ECU Group – an award-winning global macro research, advisory and investment firm.

He’s worked for the likes of HSBC, Cazenove Capital and Grievson Grant.

He’s a former partner at the first British stock broker to break into Hong Kong and Tokyo, WI Carr. And he’s written several acclaimed investment books, including Mapping the Markets and Future Storm.

Rashpal Sohan is a senior quantitative strategist who specialises in building models to help investors make money. He’s spent most of his career at one of the UK’s largest investment management firms, Rathbones. And if you attend high-end conferences in the City, you may well have seen him speak.

Their proprietary investment model is unlike anything else we publish here at Southbank Investment Research. For a start, we hold the world exclusive publishing rights to it. Robin and Rashpal have never shared their model with private investors before, and this is the only place that you can access their research, as a private investor, legally.

Their model is based on a simple idea: it shows you how to BUY WHAT’S STRONG.

It shows you how to own the winners and drop the losers. So that you are only ever positively invested in assets that are in an uptrend.

Each month, Robin and Rashpal share their unique asset rankings table with you, showing you which assets are strong, neutral and weak. All you need to do is own the four strongest assets each month. When the rankings change, you simply swap out those which are no longer strongest, for the ones which are.

There’s no messing around with individual stocks or anything like that – each asset has a representative ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) or managed fund that you can use to own it. Around 30 minutes a month is all you need to review your holdings and make any changes you need to – it really is that simple.

It’s also incredibly powerful. Back-testing shows that their model crushes the wider market returns by more than 4:1 between 1997-2018.

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