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During his 20 years as a trader, strategist and advisor to the rich, Eoin Treacy has never shared this trading strategy with anyone. Now through Exodus Trader, he shows private investors how to identify stocks on the brink of falling… and how to trade them for potentially very large returns, in short order.

In his own words, “stocks climb like stairs, and fall like elevators”, so in terms of the scale of gains, and the speed – he considers it the most lucrative trading strategy he knows. By using his 3-point-target system to execute a short trade quickly, effectively and profitably. Successful trades could see gains in a matter of months, even weeks.

To best showcase the lucrative nature of this strategy is the ‘Exodus’ play Eoin executed on the Hong Kong market (Hang Seng). Keeping a close eye on it, he then initiated a trade. The index subsequently fell between January 30th – February 9th and the ‘Exodus’ gain was 1,274 in just 11 days.

But as part of Exodus Trader, you’ll join Eoin on the hunt to execute trades just like this – one or more times a month.

Regarding losses, Eoin implements a strict safety rule to the Exodus Trader strategy. For every trade Eoin recommends using a ‘stop loss’, the price at which you can exit a trade if the market goes against you.

Exodus Trader is the perfect culmination of Eoin’s life work, allowing him to cover all areas of trading the market… and guide retail investors to diversify their portfolio and build trading strategies fit for any market environment.

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