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James Allen is on the hunt for the “10,000% exponential energy disruptors” that are developing key technologies in the coming shift to a decentralised, 100% renewable energy future. He believes this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not seen for 125 years, and he’ll show you how to reap serious gains from it.
Exponential Energy Fortunes is a ground-breaking investment service dedicated to profiting from technological innovation in the energy sector.
The rewards for spotting ‘disruptive’ companies can be exponentially large. Just look at the biggest companies in the world right now: Google, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb – all companies that destroyed existing paradigms through technological disruption, by being able to provide the same service better, faster and cheaper than ever before.
Now, we’re seeing a massive disruption event taking place in the $2.2 trillion energy markets. A new generation of upstarts are seeking to create and distribute cheap, green, sustainable energy, destroying the ‘big six’ energy firms in the process. Early investors who know where to look stand to make huge, exponential profits.
Investment Director James Allen looks to identify such opportunities, with a particular focus on renewables, distributed ‘micro-grid’ energy and blockchain solutions.
“I quit my job as head of an energy bureau in New York City to track a very rare phenomenon in the $2.2 trillion energy market. It involves an unusual set of circumstances that, each time they have combined in other industries, have delivered profits so large, a £500 stake in one winning stock could have paid for your whole retirement. I call this phenomenon the ‘10,000% Singularity Surge’”.
Whether it’s a company on the brink of revolutionising the way we distribute electricity… or the exponential evolution of solar cells… or aiding the development of large scale batteries, Exponential Energy Fortunes targets investments that could be the next ‘10,000% disruptors’ – the Googles, Amazons and Netflixes of the greatest energy revolution since Edison.

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