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17 years of experience at your service Fleet Street Letter Investment Director Charlie Morris, talks to MoneyWeek magazine editor-in-chief, Merryn Somerset Webb about leaving the City to join Britain’s oldest investment newsletter.

The elite investment know-how of a City veteran with almost two decades experience at the very top is out of reach for many investors. But that’s precisely what you’ll find in the Fleet Street Letter. Charlie Morris ran HSBC’s Absolute Return fund for 12 years. He’s made a career out of looking after billions of dollars of private clients’ wealth across the globe. Now he’d like to help you look after yours. As Investment Director of the Fleet Street Letter, Charlie will provide you with high-end analysis of the markets each and every week. And offer specific investment recommendations for your portfolio. Charlie’s made a habit of getting the big calls right. His ‘momentum effect’ screening model has allowed him to steal a march on the markets. It’s what he calls his ‘number one advantage’. See what it could do it could do for your wealth here.

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