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Tim Price believes that the issues from the global financial crisis are yet to be resolved. The actions of central banks have merely delayed the day of reckoning. It will come eventually.

In the meantime you have to do something with your money. Tim knows that preparation is everything to wealth preservation. His defensive “Fail-Safe” portfolio is a simple asset allocation model which tells you how much of your money to put into four basic asset classes, with a view to the events he sees unfolding ahead. In his own words:

“The objective of the ‘Fail-Safe Portfolio’ is to protect, and grow, investors’ capital despite the many challenges of the current financial environment (negative interest rates; the ‘war on cash’; negative bond yields; currency wars; and seemingly permanent monetary stimulus which has made most financial assets artificially and unsustainably expensive).”

In addition to the Fail-Safe Portfolio, London Investment Alert readers also have access to another investment portfolio – to solve a different but common problem: income.

With UK interest rates at historic lows, making a decent income from your investments is no easy task. David Stevenson is an income specialist, and believes interest rates could remain at low levels for decades to come. Like Tim, he takes the view that there is simply too much debt in the world for interest rates to rise significantly. Governments simply can’t afford to pay higher rates – so you need to look harder.

David has made finding higher yielding investments his sole concern for London Investment Alert readers. He believes there’s no reason for you to settle for 1% or 2% return on your money. His ‘Income Portfolio’ aims to see you bank 5—7% over the coming years, making a tangible difference to your financial life. If you’re looking for a decent income strategy, I think you’ll be delighted by the result.

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