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Energy analyst James Allen and pharma–veteran Gerard Pontonnier have teamed up to show you the smart way to invest in breakthrough pharmaceutical stocks.

Put simply: this is all about speed. When a specific set of circumstances align, certain pharma stocks can explode vertically 100% or higher in a single trading day. That’s just eight hours.

James and Gerard call these stocks, ‘chart-breakers’. Because often these gains are so powerful the chart showing them can look as though it’s broken.

In the past these events have handed fast moving investors returns of 44%, 2,194%, 66%, 15% and 130%… in just one day!

Using their four part strategy, and Gerard’s 34 years inside the industry, they’re working to bring private investors new ‘chart breaking opportunities’.

This service is radically different to anything else we publish at Southbank Investment Research. If you looking for a thrill in a sector most private investors never get the chance to go near… New Drug Speculator is for you.

please call 0203 966 4580

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