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You would have nothing without energy.

It underpins every aspect of your life. From the clothes you wear… to your home… to your choice of transportation and the things you eat… all of it is made using energy.

It is the foundation of the global economy… The ultimate bringer of power and wealth: From the coal which lead to the industrial revolution and the British Empire, to the oil which allowed the sudden and dramatic rise of nation states in the Persian Gulf.

Now power is shifting once more: from fossil fuels to renewables. For the tech disruptors making that change happen, there’s a fortune at stake.

But don’t expect fossil fuels to go down easy. Old regimes never do. Over the coming months and years we’re going to see the global status quo flipped on its head. There are powerful people who don’t want to see that happen.

We’re in a critical transition period. Exactly how it will play out nobody knows. But one thing is certain: it will be a seismic shift which will touch everything – from the UK economy, to global politics, even war.

Understanding and anticipating the turbulence ahead will be the single most valuable thing you can do to safeguard and grow your wealth.

That’s what Power and Profits is all about: Understanding how the world really works, and using that knowledge to your advantage.

It’s written by James Allen, an international energy expert with over ten years’ experience inside the industry.

Whether he’s advising you on strategic energy investments, major utility stocks you need to dump now, or under-the-radar opportunities to profit as gas bills soar… Power and Profits exists to bring you valuable intelligence about the energy industry, ahead of the rest of the world.

please call 0203 966 4580

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