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Nick Batsford – known to traders across the Square Mile as ‘Moose’ – didn’t follow the well-trodden path into financial world. He didn’t go to university, and his first job was at a fruit and veg stand in Croydon.

But after starting out in the back office at a stockbrokerage, Moose went on to climb through the ranks of the City, working as a hedge fund manager and a broker for major investment banks along the way.

And he’s come out of retirement to share his personal trading strategy – the strategy that helped him make millions in the City.

So how does Moose do it?

He knows how to spot ‘phase transitions’ – breakout moments in the market where an asset’s price will shoot up or down.

And there’s just one critical hour in the trading day that Moose uses to determine if it’s time to make a trade…

As part of Power Hour Trader you’ll be joining Moose on the hunt to pinpoint these ‘big bang’ moments in the market before they happen and potentially make great returns through spread betting and contracts for difference (CFDs).

When it comes to risk, Moose implements a strict safety rule to the Power Hour strategy. For every trade he recommends, Moose will include a suggested ‘stop loss’ – to limit any potential losses if the market goes against you.

Power Hour Trader is a rare opportunity to learn a trading strategy that can weather even the most turbulent of markets from a seasoned financial veteran. 

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