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Stephen Bland’s High Yielding Portfolio (HYP) strategy is a simple, yet powerful way to grow your wealth.

Stephen has little time for market forecasts. He thinks your best chance of making money is by simply holding stocks which pay dividends – i.e. putting your money to work. The Dividend Letter shows you how to give up on trading, ignore the markets, concentrate solely on dividend income and allow your capital to look after itself. Here Stephen explains why:

“We are bombarded by forecasters from everywhere telling us what may happen in time. But these are merely opinions and I have concluded from long experience that they are without merit. History is littered with such opinion that went wrong.

“Several decades ago smoking was discovered to cause a range of very serious diseases. Tobacco shares were hit and there was a lot of talk of them being in terminal decline. The truth turned out to be the precise opposite. Tobacco shares have been amongst the best shares you could have owned in the last fifty years, with outstanding returns both from increasing dividends and increasing capital values.

“My defence against the torrent of totally unreliable long term forecasts is to ignore them. They don’t know, I don’t know and I’m backing that lack of knowledge as far superior to those who think they know. I called this concept, Strategic Ignorance.”

Stephen simply looks for profitable companies that pay a good dividend – split equally across a range of industries. It’s hard to argue with the results.

With your own diverse HYP you’ll say goodbye to fretting about the markets going up or down. Or worrying about when is the best time to sell a share. Or the advanced forecasts of the so-called financial “experts”. And you’ll understand how it’s possible to create a long-term, increasing income with the minimum of fuss in a straightforward way.

Stephen qualified as a chartered accountant in 1971 and between 1977 and 2001 ran his own successful accountancy practice in London. His career also took in a stint working for renowned investor Jim Slater. He has been an active private investor for 40 years.

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