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At Southbank Investment Research, we believe that you are the best person to decide how to manage your money and your future. Our newsletters each offer a different strategy to help you do that.

Whether you’re investing for the long term, want to trade for a sizeable return in the short to medium term or require an immediate income, we have you covered.

Our aim is simple: to publish investment ideas that can change your life for the better.

Our editors are experienced professionals. Their advice would cost you several times more if you went to them through the City – some require a six-figure sum to invest directly on your behalf.

But despite their varying approaches, they are united by their independence of thought.

The advice they share with you is not constrained by institutional rules or regulations. They all understand market behaviour, the consequences of central bank action, and, perhaps most importantly, how to spot a profitable investment.

We believe their advice will make your life better – both financially and in terms of your lifestyle.

By investing shrewdly, you give yourself the best chance of living life on your own terms. We want you to accrue as much money as you can – to spend or save as you wish. That’s the ambition which unites all of our publications.

Please take your time and look around and find the publication that’s right for you. Remember, investing means putting your money at risk. When your money’s at risk, you can lose it. Never forget that.

That’s why all of our publications that give investment advice are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The research we publish – and even everything you see here on this page – are all governed by strict rules designed to protect you.

Putting your hard earned savings at risk based on advice you’ve received from people you’ve never met is dangerous.

Make sure you do your research. Find a publication that matches your tolerance for risk and your investment goals. And if you’re not sure, feel free to sign up for one of our free e-letters.

Those will introduce you to the editors and researchers who do the real work around here. Take your time to find one whose judgement and experience you respect. And feel free to take advantage of the money-back guarantees that you’ll find offered with all of our publications.

Investing is about making your money work harder for you. There are lots of ways to do that.

You can be a value investor – buying low and selling high. You can be a momentum investor or a trader – buying high and selling higher. Or you specialise in a particular sector or industry, such as gold, mining, or technology, and look for the shares with the best potential to rise this year.

You’ll find experts and publications on nearly all those ideas on this page. And every year we’re adding more publications and experts to solve the investment problems you face and present opportunities you may not have heard about.

If that sounds good to you, then have a look around, sign up for one of our e-letters or services, and get started today.

Paolo Cabrelli
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

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