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With the simple mantra of “Choose Yourself,” James has built a massive following — helping people find new and unusual opportunities to generate inward success.

Now he wants you to achieve the next step: True financial freedom and independence.

James has tapped into the skills he developed as a hedge fund manager and venture capitalist to reveal every secret he’s ever learned about building wealth.

And he’s not alone.

James is connected to the biggest players in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. So he’s hand-picked a team of investment experts and trading superstars to create Altucher’s Investment Network UK — connecting you directly to their wealth of knowledge.

You’ll learn tips for navigating the stock market… personal finance strategies… and tricks to boost your nest egg. The team will also tell you specific ways to get ahead of hot investment trends like AI, biotech, cybersecurity and driverless cars.

With Altucher’s Investment Network UK, you’ll have the tools to start building a personal financial fortress to live a life of abundance and true financial well-being.

please call 0203 966 4580

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