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According to Sam Volkering, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market is the most lucrative investment opportunity in the world right now.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have already banked investors huge returns.

For example, ICO investors in Ethereum are sitting on gains of more than 90,000%. Yes, ninety thousand.

Those that invested in NEXT coin could be sitting on a mind boggling 300,000% gain.

Ark is up 21,000% since its ICO last July.

The ICO market is white hot. But Sam believes this is only the start – most investors are still not aware of cryptocurrency.

Given the potential returns, Sam believes it’s well worth staking a small amount of money – even if it’s just £50 – to give yourself the chance of making a potentially life-changing return.

Make no mistake, this is high-risk stuff. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset class. So it’s imperative you know what you’re doing.

Sam first saw the potential for cryptocurrency back in 2012, buying bitcoin when it was just $12. In 2014 he went live on US TV to talk bitcoin. He was called an “idiot” for daring to anticipate that an entirely new asset class like cryptocurrencies could become a significant and profitable part of the financial system. He’s now a renowned authority on this new asset class.

After months of work, Sam developed his ‘C.O.I.N’ system to identify the ICOs that he believes will make you a fortune. Crypto Profits Extreme is dedicated to that sole idea.

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