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Every month without fail, thousands of stocks make 5-8% micro-moves that go unnoticed by the vast majority of traders.

The Daily Profit Alert was designed to get you in and out of these ‘microtrends’ in just 7-10 days.

Eliminating the need to swing for unlikely, one-off gains of 500%, 1000% or even more, to multiply your money. 

And instead, helping you pocket realistic gains of 5-8% over and over again… which compound into BIG cumulative returns over time.

Adrian Buthee, a man who has taught over 10,000 UK traders how to profit from the markets using systems he has built…

… joined hands with a team of leading-edge UK and Hong-Kong programmers for 6 years to bring this ‘magnum opus’ creation to life.

The result?

A trailblazing trading system… powered by a super-algorithm that processes endless streams of data… detects over SIXTY proven technical indicators…

… and continuously identifies multiple large cap stocks on the verge of a 5-8% micro-moves, every single week.

It doesn’t rely on shorting, CFDs, or any of the highly leveraged strategies that get traders into trouble.

It hasn’t had a single losing year in a decade of backtesting.

And it has made a staggering cumulative gain of 2,459% in the same time period, since 2011.

The beauty of it is – you barely have to do a thing.

It automatically sends you comprehensive trade alerts via email – which contain everything you need to know to place each trade.

What to buy. When to buy it. And when to sell it…

Risks. Target price. And stop loss…

It lays everything out for you.

All you have to do place the trades… cash in… and cash out.

Please call 0203 966 4580 to learn more about The Daily Profit Alert

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