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Sam Volkering

Sam built a career advising private clients and businesses on how to manage their money and build their wealth. With a decade of financial advice under his belt he decided that it was time to change the game and combine his great passions in life (technology, writing and helping people to make money).

He joined our Australian affiliate Port Phillip Publishing in 2013 and has since become one of Australia’s most recognised financial editors.

As a child he revelled in the wonders of the Apple 2e and Macintosh. A life-changing trip to Japan’s ‘Electric Town’, Akihabara set him on a discovery of technology that will never end. Starting a small tech business in his 20’s, registering a patent in Australia and running several websites are just some examples of how he immerses himself in the world of technology.

But his real talents lie in uncovering, researching and investigating the world’s most revolutionary technology companies and trends before they hit the big time. He predicted the rise of 3D printing, the arrival of augmented reality and most notably the incredible shift to self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.

He first bought bitcoin in 2011, and ever since he has followed the cryptocurrencies 'wild west', becoming an authority in this new field of digital assets. Recently, Southbank Investment Research published his book Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and The Future of Money

He travels the world meeting and engaging with inventors, founders, innovators and the most influential people in tech. His unique combination of financial acumen with an unwavering devotion to the most cutting edge technology makes Sam one of the most prodigious talents in our stable of Editors.

Adrian Buthee photo

Adrian Buthee

Having studied Economics at University, Adrian started his career at Cave & Sons Stockbrokers in 2001, where he placed his first trade. Joining award-winning trading trainers Trendsignal in 2004, Adrian has since shown thousands of traders up and down the UK how to improve their financial lives by applying effective trading methods. Now a Director and Head of Trading, in Daily Profit Alert, Adrian will be sharing the specific buy-signals generated by his powerful algorithmic strategy – directly with private traders – for the very first time.

James Allen photo

James Allen

James Allen has over a decade’s experience as an expert energy analyst.

He reported on the main trends affecting global wholesale energy markets as head of Montel’s real-time newswire bureau in Manhattan for five years, covering areas such as LNG, pipelines, coal, carbon, power, oil, generation spreads, utility hedging and regulation.

Prior to joining Montel, he was Team Leader of the power markets desk at Platts, a huge energy price reporting agency.

He brings a wealth of expertise and a rolodex of key contacts, including energy insiders, CEOs, analysts and experts to his role as Editor of Exponential Energy Fortunes here at Southbank Investment Research.

Eoin Treacy photo

Eoin Treacy

Eoin Treacy is a career analyst, writer, strategist, commentator, lecturer and fund manager. Following a degree in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, Eoin spent 4 years at Bloomberg terminal sales travelling all over Europe teaching seminars and meeting the firm’s clients.

In 2003 he transitioned to working together with David Fuller to specialise in his unique approach to research – combining technical, fundamental and behavioural factors – covering global markets. Together they bought out FullerTreacyMoney in 2014.

Eoin took The Chart Seminar over from David in 2007 and has taken it on sell-out tours to the USA, UK, Australia and Singapore since. He published Crowd Money – a Practical guide to Macro Behavioural Technical Analysis in 2013 to act as a companion guide to the seminar.

Eoin is globally recognised for his encyclopaedic knowledge of asset classes, sectors and thematic investing. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, and appeared CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, NDTV Profit and Reuters India. He has been interviewed by the BBC World Service and Ireland’s TodayFM and FinancialSense Online.

He is the Investment Director for Trigger Point Trader and he also sits on the board of Nevada Trust Company.

In 2013 he was awarded an Extraordinary Ability green card by the US Citizenship ad Immigration Service for his work in the field of financial analysis and now lives in Los Angeles. In his spare time Eoin is an avid scuba diver and is never happier than when spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

Brian Christopher photo

Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher has an extensive background in finance. He has an MBA in finance, he has analysed companies from the inside-out as a forensic accountant over the last 25 years… he worked for 12 years as a ‘turnaround consultant’ tasked with assessing the value of scores of businesses… and he has shared trading opportunities using his breakthrough insider-buying strategy with thousands of private investors. Brian understands, better than most, what really makes a company tick. And he uses his effective Follow the Money indicator to lock-on to stocks with the potential to make investors outsized returns. Joining Brian, as investment director of Follow The Money, is award-winning family wealth manager Eoin Treacy. Eoin is a world-class trader in his own right. Together, he and Brian will share decades of invaluable market know-how.

James Early photo

James Early

James Early does a little of everything at Southbank Investment Research, where he puts his Wall Street investment background to use guiding company strategy, investing policy, and strategic partnerships. He’s also the editor of Southbank Investment Daily, and has been known to show his face on media like BBC, CNBC, CNN, and CCTV on occasion, at least when he’s not practicing kung fu or off climbing in the mountains.

Shae Russell photo

Shae Russell

Shae Russell has been at the heart of the resource mining industry for over a decade.

She cut her teeth in the derivatives industry, teaching her clients trading techniques and technical analysis before serving a lengthy stint at Australasia’s largest precious metals services group.

Throughout her career, Shae has been a researcher and writer for various investment advisory services — honing her macro analysis skills alongside resource trading expert and former CIA operative, Jim Rickards.

Shae’s expertise in commodities — as well her access to a roll-call of prominent industry contacts — brings a unique perspective to Southbank readers seeking to profit from these exciting markets.

John Butler photo

John Butler

John Butler has 25 years experience in international finance. He has served as a Managing Director for bulge-bracket investment banks on both sides of the Atlantic in research, strategy, asset allocation and product development roles, including at Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers. He has advised some of the world’s largest institutional and private investors in matters ranging from wealth preservation to enhancing returns through a wide variety of innovative strategies, and he has been a #1 ranked Investment Strategist by Institutional Investor magazine. His past publications include his popular Amphora Report investment newsletter, The Golden Revolution (John Wiley and Sons, 2012) and The Golden Revolution, Revisited.

Charlie Morris photo

Charlie Morris

Fleet Street Letter investment director Charlie Morris is a highly experienced investor. After a career as an officer in the Grenadier Guards, Charlie spent 17 years as the Head of Absolute Return at HSBC Global Asset Management, managing more than £3 billion in client funds.

During his time, Charlie helped both protect and grow the wealth of scores of wealthy investors. In fact – and keeping in mind that past performance is no guide to future results – between 2003 and 2015, his fund made a cumulative return of more than 100%.

To be blunt, what Charlie Morris doesn’t know about the financial markets just isn’t worth knowing. He knows how to succeed in the financial world.

He’s known and respected as a specialist on gold, cryptocurrencies and momentum investing. In fact, he’s made over 200 appearances as a guest expert on various financial television programmes. In short, he’s not an ‘armchair pundit’… he’s a battle-hardened investor with real experience making money in the financial markets.

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Rob Marstrand

Rob Marstrand is the investment director of UK Independent Wealth and an experienced private investor.

Rob has 15 years of experience inside the financial markets, working for UBS, a leading investment bank and the world’s largest wealth manager. During that time he was based in London, Zurich and Hong Kong and worked in many countries around the world.

Rob’s main role was in corporate strategy, working closely with the bank’s top management. This gave him a unique insider’s view into how big corporations are run and the inner workings of the global financial industry (both good and bad). Along the way he worked on a number of large acquisitions and complex joint ventures. In particular, he gained expertise in Asia, a huge and fast-growing region of the world.

After that he spent five years as Chief Investment Strategist for a business aimed at helping wealthy families, mainly from the USA and Europe, to keep and grow their money.

Later Rob founded OfWealth, where he wrote investment newsletters for private investors. His aim was (and is) to demystify complex financial issues through the use of clear language and common sense analysis.

Rob has helped the wealth elite – and the man on the street – find success on the markets. In UK Independent Wealth, he aims to do the same for you.

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