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New World Investor is researched and written by James Allen.

James is Southbank’s expert in the climate tech sectors — and he’s on the hunt for the companies that could experience the most massive growth surges in a mega-trend estimated to grow to $160 trillion.

James Allen is on the hunt for the disruptive companies revolutionising the global climate tech industry.

New World Investor is a ground-breaking investment service dedicated to profiting from companies making incredible technological breakthroughs that will play a huge part in our sustainable future.

The potential rewards in these ‘climate tech’ sectors are incredible, with one of the best example of stock gains having surged by more than 800% within 2 years to November 2021…

Forecasts and past performance are not a reliable indicator of future results

And James Allen is the perfect man to help you hunt down the most exciting companies, having spent four years doing exactly that in their premium service Exponential Energy Fortunes.

From bigger companies making the transition towards sustainables, to tiny start-ups having a massive impact…

New World Investor is the place to find the climate tech opportunities that can help you reap huge financial rewards for the next decade or so.

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