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Eoin Treacy is one of the sharpest financial analysts in the U.K. He manages a Global Top 100 fund responsible for more than $600m, and has made appearances on Bloomberg, BBC and CNN as well as other major national networks. He’s also the author of Crowd Money, a book described by Bill Bonner as “a treasure trove of ideas and insights”.

His financial clients include private investor funds worth more than $100 million, he’s flown all over the word to present the longest-running course on behavioural market analysis in the world, and – of course – he’s already helped thousands of Southbank readers gain insights into what really makes the market tick.

Eoin’s focus is always on uncovering unique financial opportunities. Every single day, he spends hours analysing market charts in order to uncover the truly lucrative potential investments that never get reported by the mainstream media. By leaning more towards human behaviour than technical analysis, he’s able to achieve returns that most other investors can’t.

Within the last two years, Eoin’s helped readers profit from the evolution of BioTech, provided valuable investment advice to those interested in crypto-currencies, and achieved great results delving into the worlds of both energy and artificial intelligence.

Reflex Trader is a perfect example of Eoin’s qualities. After months analysing the markets, he uncovered a number of patterns that could be used to predict market behaviour…and that this meant a lucrative opportunity was waiting: the chance to make regular, repeated, predictable profits.

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