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Mega-trend investing advisory, brought to you by Sam Volkering and James Allen. The aim is a simple but powerful one: to deliver the biggest opportunities for investors, to ride the world’s biggest mega-trends.

Sam Volkering built a career advising private clients and businesses on how to manage their money and build their wealth. With a decade of financial advice under his belt he decided that it was time to change the game and combine his great passions in life: technology stocks, cryptocurrency and helping people to make money. Sam’s unique combination of financial acumen with an unwavering devotion to the most cutting-edge technology makes Sam one of the most prodigious and popular talents in our stable of experts.

James Allen has been an energy journalist and analyst for almost 20 years. His contact book is a who’s who of clean energy and climate tech insiders. Over the last 5 years, James has helped thousands of UK investors understand and profit from the energy transition – one of the biggest market mega-trends of our lifetime.

Revolutionary Trend Investor seeks to identify the best, leading-edge technology and energy sector companies worldwide. You can expect to hear about AI companies to medical technology firms, to new blockchain projects, clean energy pioneers, miners supplying the EV rollout, And much more. Sam and James are dedicated to unearthing stocks riding the biggest trends in the world, that could make you upwards of ten times your initial stake, over the long run.

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