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Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer’s career as a financial advisor began with Dean Witter Reynolds in 1993. After Dean Witter merged with Morgan Stanley, he became a manager in the Morgan Stanley system.

After the crash, he saw the ‘dark side’ of the financial industry: that many brokerage firm’s goals are not aligned with their clients’. At the same time, he met a software engineer who had developed one of the first algorithmic-based trading programs. The markets were getting crushed but some systems were making money. He left Wall Street and began collaborating with him and others who believed that sophisticated algorithms were the future of Wall Street. One of the collaborations led to the development of a program available only on Bloomberg’s network for large investment banks and institutional traders (Tom still supplies research to Bloomberg each week).

Now, Tom lives just outside of Austin, Texas which is a hotbed of computer and software development. In Short the World, he’ll be helping British investors use a sophisticated trading algorithm for the first time – hopefully, with profitable results.

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