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Small Cap Investigator is an investment service dedicated to profiting from new technology.

The rewards for technological innovation can be enormous. Just look at the biggest companies in the world right now: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft – all companies which are changing the way society and commerce works through technology, and cannibalising older industries in the process.

Companies that enable work to be completed quicker and cheaper… that can prolong life through improving healthcare… can create cheap, sustainable energy… all stand to make early investors huge profits.

Investment Directors Sam Volkering and James Allen looks to identify such opportunities, with a particular focus on the sectors that drive our society.

Whether it’s a company on the brink of revolutionising the way we treat cancer… or the exponential evolution of solar cells… or aiding the development of driverless cars, Small Cap Investigator targets investments that could make you a triple-digit return – with the potential for much, much more.

please call 0203 966 4580

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