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Let me tell you about Southbank Investment Research…

And how we can help you protect and grow your wealth in the 2020s – and beyond

Can you trust what you read in the papers? Can you believe what you see on TV? Or social media? Can you rely on global financial institutions to look out for your individual interests… or the government to help you in old age?

As an independent publisher with a decade of covering the markets, I seriously doubt it. Which is why Southbank Investment Research exists. It is a private intelligence network with a very simple but profound mission…

To find alternative ways to grow your money.

To pinpoint opportunities you won’t hear about from mainstream sources.

To share ideas that could change your life for the better.

And those three goals reflect three fundamentals that all the research you will find at Southbank is built on.


Taking control and responsibility of your own life, wanting to solve your own problems, is empowering. It certainly doesn’t mean you don’t care about other people. What’s more, cherishing independence instead of seeking dependence leads to better investments and better outcomes.

We can help you do this. Because we’re not money managers. We’re publishers. This matters. It matters a hell of a lot. We’re not taking your money and managing it (dependence), we’re giving you the tools you need to independently manage it for yourself.

If you are naturally drawn to our work, you’ll know this in your gut.


The trend towards censorship and suppression of free speech is terrifying. It doesn’t matter if it’s Google de-platforming people, mainstream media branding ideas that don’t fit a narrow worldview as ‘populism’, or university students seeking to silence speakers they don’t agree with. At its roots it’s all groupthink. It all risks letting other people tell you what you can and can’t think. And you have to fight it. 

There are very practical investment implications of that idea too. It is the reason most people are incapable of buying at the bottom and selling at the top. In fact they do the opposite. They ignore assets when they’re cheap, hated and ignored – and buy them when they’re at the top, when everyone else is buying. That’s groupthink in action again. It’s emotional, group-led investing, instead of rational, individual action.

It’s why Southbank Investment Research will never have a ‘house-view’. We think it’s better to have a range of competing viewpoints – at the very least, it keeps everyone honest and thinking critically… and you better placed to make informed and independent decisions.


Efficient market theorists tell you that the reason most investors don’t beat the market is because markets are always perfectly priced. In this model, anyone that does beat the market is just lucky.

The same goes when people analyse politics, technology and other world events. Very few people saw the global financial crisis coming. Therefore anyone who did must have been lucky. It was random!

The same goes for ‘Black Swan’ events like the election of Donald Trump. Most people didn’t forecast it. Only a few took it seriously enough to see what was happening. Luck, again.

In truth? This simply isn’t the case.

If some people beat the market consistently, it’s worth understanding how that’s possible, rather than deciding it was random. The same goes for major world events like the financial crisis. How come some people saw it coming when most didn’t?

It comes down to a willingness to think critically – and to seek the truth. The problem wasn’t that no one saw it coming. It was the fact that the people who did were ignored, marginalised or branded ‘scaremongers’ by the mainstream.

You have to be willing to seek the truth – seek ideas on the fringe people have discounted. You may run the risk of looking stupid in the short term.

But in the long term… truth seekers win.

That’s why we work with the very best of the best financial thinkers, writers and analysts. People who are prepared to zig when the world zags. Because you won’t win if you always play by someone else’s rules.

Many thanks,

Paolo Cabrelli
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

P.S. Below you’ll find just some of the individual investors who have found what we do useful… and have been kind enough to tell us:

I honestly believe that finding south bank research was my best ever move.

I wish I had been a subscriber much earlier, as the content and variation of financial articles is simply astounding…As a complete novice to the investment world, you have opened my eyes to some spectacular opportunities. It is my hope and belief that in years to come I will look back on my membership as the best investment I ever made!!! Keep up the good work.


Southbank Platinum is by far the best value I have come across. Sensible, no nonsense advice, clearly delivered and often in an entertaining way.


I really like the way Southbank do their research.

They always get to the heart of the matter quickly. I like having a team of analysts which allows me to make investment decisions in these uncertain times based on consensus views rather than one person’s individual view point… Some analysts are good at giving me an understanding of the economic environment we are in and others good at recommending individual stocks, which if they fit the analysts current economic environment outlook, are great bets for success.


[I] am more than happy to recommend Southbank [Investment] Research…

…not just to existing or potential investors, but to anyone who is looking for non-conformist and unbiased commentary on the financial state of the country, the region and the world.


I find the services provided by Southbank absolutely invaluable…

…particularly appreciating the clearly independent and expert contributions from the various researchers. It would be futile looking for a “weak link” here […] in these dark days of biased and dishonest reporting Southbank stands out as a lighthouse. Keep up the good work.


Great service, highly recommended, thank you


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