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The Fleet Street Letter Wealth Builderis the oldest investment letter in Britain. As editor, Charlie Morris follows such esteemed predecessors as founder Patrick Maitland, the 17th Earl of Lauderdale… Nigel Wray, the British business tycoon… and the late Lord William Rees-Mogg, former editor of The Times.

Since its foundation in the 1930s, The Fleet Street Letter Wealth Builderhas a track record of pinpointing the big turning points in history, and helping British investors steer their wealth through them successfully.

In 1938, for example, after a fact-finding mission in Germany, Maitland predicted war in Europe within a year. Everyone else was in denial. “Appeasement will not work,” he warned… “War is coming to Europe, but not until September at the earliest.”

On 1 September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, swiftly instigating the war Maitland had foretold. It was the first – but by no means last – major world event The Fleet Street Letter Wealth Buildercorrectly anticipated.

Charlie Morris is a worthy successor. After a career as an officer in the Grenadier Guards, Charlie spent 17 years as the head of absolute return at HSBC, managing more than $3 billion in client funds. His fund made a cumulative return of more than 100% between 2003 and 2015 – thanks to a habit of getting the big calls right…

  • He got into emerging markets and gold in 2003 ahead of the boom, which pushed these sectors up five times over…
  • Into crude oil in September 2007 at $60 per barrel ahead of the super spike to $140…
  • Out of gold in Jan 2013 ahead of the crash…

Now, Charlie’s HSBC fund required a minimum £500,000 investment, but you can access his expertise in The Fleet Street Letter Wealth Builderfor a fraction of that price.

Charlie is also an authority on gold, cryptocurrencies and momentum investing.

please call 0203 966 4580

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