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A story… a range… a catalyst.

They are the three components Eoin Treacy looks for before pulling the trigger on a trade. These three simple criteria have formed the backbone of his award-winning wealth management career.

Entrusted with $600m in capital by some of the wealthiest families in America, this simple understanding has brought Eoin great success.

By correctly identifying this 3-step process – which occurs regularly in financial markets – you can make big profits in relatively short order.

Trigger Point Trader is an unleveraged trading service in which Eoin aims to bank a return of between 50% and 150% on a single trade, with a holding position from anywhere between 3 and 12 months.

Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

It’s not possible for every trade to come out in profit. But over the last three years, Eoin has bagged some great winners for his subscribers…

64% on Fresnillo, 90% on Ariad Pharma and 210% on Intelsat

Regarding losses, safety is obviously a key part of the Trigger Point Trader strategy. For every trade Eoin researches the risks and shares them with you, so you go into each trade fully informed.

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