Sam Volkering

Sam Volkering is a world-leading cryptocurrency and tech market analyst and investor.

He’s also the author of Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money‘.

He spends his time hunting down the most exciting crypto and tech stocks on the planet, whether they’re potential-packed volatile small-caps or tech breakthroughs transforming our future through cutting-edge technologies. He also is the premier expert on investing in cryptocurrencies in Australia and the UK.

Sam’s also the Editor at Revolutionary Tech Investor where he reveals the latest breakthrough tech investment as well as hunting down the smallest of small companies that trade for pennies on the pound and could turn into potential 10-baggers.

But his most exciting and successful publication yet is, Crypto Profits Extreme published by Southbank Investment Research (UK) focusing on new, breakthrough ‘microcap’ crypto projects and early stage, pre-exchange crypto opportunities.

If you’d like to get a real feel for Sam’s insight into crypto investing, you can watch his talk from our War On You conference, below:

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