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Hello and welcome to the Southbank Investment Research website. I’m Dan Denning, the publisher.

On this page you’ll be introduced to what I call our ‘portfolio of ideas.’

By that I mean free e-letters, publications and research services designed to make you a smarter and better investor, no matter how experienced you are, how much you have to invest, or where your interests lie.

Our offices here in London have over 60 full-time researchers and staff who come to work each day with a simple goal: to publish investment ideas that can change your life for the better.

We’ve been publishing ideas like that for British investors like you for over 20 years. One of our publications—the Fleet Street Letter—was founded in 1938. As far as I know, that makes it the oldest investment newsletter in Britain. 

Please take your time and look around. Not every publication may be right for you. In fact, I’d be surprised if that was the case.


Investing means putting your money at risk. When your money’s at risk, you can lose it. Never forget that. 

That’s why all of our publications that give investment advice are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The research we publish—and even the marketing materials you’ll see here—are all governed by strict rules designed to protect you.

And hey! It’s the internet.

Putting your hard earned savings at risk based on advice you’ve received from people you’ve never met is dangerous.

Make sure you do your research. Find a publication that matches your tolerance for risk and your investment goals. And if you’re not sure, feel free to sign up for one of our free e-letters.

Those will introduce you to the editors and researchers who do the real work around here. Take your time to find one whose judgement and experience you respect. And feel free to take advantage of the money back guarantees that you’ll find offered with all of our publications.

If you’re saving for retirement, you’ve just retired, or you’re simply looking for new ideas about how to make money in the market, I’m confident you’ll find something you like.

More importantly, our aim is to publish ideas that can help you with your practical financial goals. We’re not simply reporting the news. We’re telling you what the news means. And how to invest accordingly. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Investing is about making your money work harder for you. There are lots of ways to do that.

You can be a value investor—buying low and selling high. You can be a momentum investor or a trader—buying high and selling higher. Or you specialise in a particular sector or industry, such as gold, mining, or technology, and look for the shares with the best potential to rise this year.

You’ll find experts and publications on nearly all those ideas on this page. And every year we’re adding more publications and experts to solve the investment problems you face and present opportunities you may not have heard about.

In fact, I hope it doesn’t sound too arrogant to say I believe we’re Britain’s best source for independent research on how to make money in stocks. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

By the way, by independent, I mean that our main source of income here is the money we make when you buy a subscription. If you like what we do, you pay for it. If you don’t, you don’t. It’s that simple.

We don’t manage money or take a commission for selling other financial products. From time to time you’ll find advertising we pass on because we think you might find it useful. And of course, if one of our editors comes up with an exciting new idea, and it’s a publication you don’t subscribe to, we’re going to tell you about it. 

But my main point is this. We have a simple business model: we work for you. That gives us the freedom to say what we really think about the stock market and the world and to publish investment ideas you might not find anywhere else.

That’s what I mean by independence.

One last point.

No matter what kind of investor you are, there’s something important you should know. And I know it’s not the sort of thing you’d expect to hear from a typical financial services business. But it’s the philosophy that underpins all the research we do here.

It’s this: money is not wealth. Money is a means to an end. That end is whatever you choose it to be.

What I believe is that better research leads to better investing. Better investing leads to financial independence. And financial independence allows you to live a better, richer, and freer life.

If that sounds good to you, then have a look around, sign up for one of our e-letters or services, and get started today.


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